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Dog Ownership Rules in Plano

The City of Plano has specific ordinances related to animals. A person commits an offense if the keeping of any animal causes loud and unusual barking, howling or other noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of any person of ordinary sensibilities. A person who is disturbed by an animal may file a complaint with Animal Services. The owner will then be notified of the complaint, either in person or by mail, and given suggestions to keep the animal from disturbing the neighboring residences.

Dogs are prohibited from running loose within city limits. Failure to keep the dog confined by a building, wall or fence of sufficient strength, height or construction to restrain the animal may result in the dog being impounded by Animal Services and/or the owner issued citations. All dogs are required to display a collar with rabies vaccination and city registration tags at all times.

A well-trained dog is a great family member for many reasons.  But in order to ensure your dog’s behavior complies with city ordinances, you need your dog to be properly trained.  Dog training takes time and proper guidance from REAL professionals.  Regularly receiving feedback from a trainer who is invested in you and your dog’s success makes the entire training process more efficient. Our dogs are family, so it’s vital to properly educate and communicate with them.

That’s where we can help!

Here at The Collar Club Academy, we have dog trainers who have been training in combined areas of expertise for over 60 years! We don’t believe dog training comes in a “one size fits all” format. While some dogs may have behavioral issues like aggression, other owners may need guidance on how to properly communicate loose leash walking. You want the best for your dog, and we do too! That’s why we take the time to get to know both you and your dog, so we can teach you how you and your dog can fit into one another’s lifestyle.

One of our biggest goals is to make sure that after our training process, you walk away with a better understanding of your dog and their needs. Your eyes will be opened to a whole new world and a better understanding of your dog. We are proud to offer private training sessions in addition to comprehensive board and train programs that will properly train your dog in a relatively short period of time.  Professional dog training is required to address problem behaviors and encourage positive socialization.  Our facility is world-class and designed to cater to your dog's training needs in the comfort of a home environment.

The Collar Club Academy offers a personalized approach to dog and puppy training. Our trainers will make sure they’re tailoring their training so it will fit you and your dog’s communication and personalities perfectly. Whether you are a senior citizen, looking to take dog sports to the next level, or someone who wants to simply enjoy life with their dog at home, we have you covered!

Pet Sitting in Plano, Texas

If you’re a dog owner in Plano, TX, finding a reliable pet sitter is key to ensure you can leave your furry family member at home and enjoy your time away with peace of mind. Whether you’re headed for a weekend road trip or a two-week getaway, you need someone responsible to look after your pets and take good care of your dog walking needs.

Kennels may be an option, but ultimately it is best for your pets if they get to remain in a comfortable, familiar environment while you are gone. Home pet sitters are also the best option if your pets have any illnesses or special needs that would prevent them from leaving your home easily. For this reason and many others, pet sitting is a popular option for many pet owners in Plano.

Whether you’ve booked a trip spontaneously for next week or are planning your journey in a few months from now, we will do our best to help you with your pet sitting needs! The Collar Club team is composed of experienced, professional pet sitters who focus on making sure your pet gets the best possible care.

Our employees visit your pets multiple times a day to ensure they get the attention they need. Our team cares deeply about every pet's individual needs, whether its a new puppy or senior cat. We have a passion for animals and it shows.

If you want to learn more about the number of visits we offer per day, reach out for more information. If you’re looking for overnight care, consider booking one of our Board and Train programs that combines obedience training with overnight boarding for your pup.

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Dog Walking in Plano, Texas

Hiring a dog walker can provide awesome benefits for you and your pet.  Here are a few reasons why you should hire a dog walker in Plano, Texas:

1. To protect and maintain your dog’s health

Like you, our furry friends need regular exercise to live long, healthy, and happy lives.  According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, around 54% of dogs and cats in the United States are obese.  Many dogs develop high-maintenance health issues in their lifetime that could easily be prevented or diminished with proper exercise.  One of the best ways to keep your canine companion in good health is to walk them at least 3 or more times a day for at least 20 minutes.

2. To provide socialization opportunities

When your dog goes for a walk, not only do they get the exercise they need, but the walk stimulates their senses.  During a walk, your dog will see, smell, feel, and hear new and interesting things.  Dogs often get to meet other people or animals during their walk, which can be a great way to encourage proper socialization.  We can take for granted these brief encounters, but for our dogs, these socialization opportunities are the highlight of their day.  

3. To improve your dog’s behavior

When your dog is walked regularly, you help to release your dog’s excess energy and make them calmer overall.  A tired dog is a well-behaved dog.   With regular, lengthy walks, it is much  less likely that your dog will be destructive or disruptive.

4. To improve your peace of mind

When you aren’t at home, you want peace of mind that your dog is being well taken care of.  When you hire a dog walker, you don’t have to worry if you need to stay late at work or have evening plans. Knowing that your dog will still get to spend time outside on a walk while you’re gone helps relieve any guilt or stress you may have.  You don’t want your dog to be locked up alone for 8 hours or more a day.  With a daily dog walker in Plano, Texas, you can feel confident that you are providing the best possible care for your dog.   

5. To give you more time in your schedule

When you have a jam-packed schedule, every minute counts.  It can be hard to fit regular long walks into your schedule sometimes.  You might need to wake up super early, go home on your lunch hour, or delay fun evening plans with your family to make sure your dogs get the care they need and deserve.  When you have a regular dog walker, your dog will get all of the exercise and attention they deserve, and you will get back your lost time.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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Dog-friendly Outdoor Activities in Plano

K9 Cinemas

Located at 1192 Greenway Drive, this is one theatre where it’s encouraged to bring your dog!   As long as they are up to date on vaccinations and on a leash, you can bring your dog to the movies, but you must also review the rules and fill out a waiver before attending.

Great Global Greyhound Walk

Held at Oak Point Preserve annually, this dog-walking event brings together greyhounds, lurchers, other sighthounds and their owners to raise awareness of the breeds and show the public just what wonderful pets they make. 

Jack Carter Dog Park

The dog park is a double-gated, fenced, two-acre area along Bluebonnet Trail, near its intersection with Chisholm Trail in central Plano. It features a separate area for large and small dogs with benches, picnic tables, shade shelters, LED lighting, rinse stations, water stations, and waste disposal stations. 

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Free Assessment Topics to Cover for Private Dog Training

Which of the dog training packages are you interested in?

Puppy Training Program 

For puppies 8 - 15 weeks old.

The owner will learn the psychology of dogs, how to read your puppy's body language, how to properly socialize your puppy, how to understand your puppy's routine and how to raise your puppy properly.

Other topics and training we cover is potty training, leash manners, crate training, proper nutrition and feeding schedules.

Basic Obedience 

Training program spans 3 weeks or more and covers on leash training and exercises; come and recall, heel, stay, sit, come through doorways with lifetime unlimited refresher.

Enhanced Obedience 

Training spans 3 weeks or longer depends on the dog and owner. The same training exercises as the Basic obedience program except training progresses to off leash with distractions. Training will take place in a busy environment that can be distracting to any dog. We train the dog and the owner to ignore these distractions.

Advanced Dog Obedience

The dog and owner cannot skip basic but can skip the Enhanced and progress directly from Basic to Advanced off leash training with distractions. For example, we may train you dog on a busy street corner. Your dog learns to ignore distractions and complete the exercise successfully.


We take the training process seriously and we believe that the best way to start our relationship with you is by meeting with you to learn more about you, your dog and your goals and expectations for his/her training.

During this in-person initial consultation or covid-19 friendly virtual meeting, we will assess your dog and recommend which Collar Club training program we believe will be the best fit to meet your goals for training. If you want to have a face-to-face meeting, we do have Covid-19 safety protocols in place.

If you have any questions our email support will be happy to respond.

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