Personal Protection Dogs

by The Collar Club Academy

There are many different reasons why someone would need a personal protection dog. It is reassuring to know that your best friend and companion will also be able to defend you against a dangerous criminal.

If you have a young family or live in an area with a significant amount of crime, having a gun around is not always the best protection. Children are curious about guns and sometimes accidents can happen. If someone breaks into your home, a criminal could even get their hands on your gun when they find it in your house.

If you have a trained personal protection dog, the dog will protect you and your family without you even having to act. The dog will not give a criminal the opportunity to hurt you or rob your home. It is much harder to capture a trained home protection dog than it is to steal a gun from someone’s home.

A personal protection dog is still a family pet, so they are just like any other dog filled with affection and loyalty. Personal protection dogs also give your family a feeling of safety and security that they might not have felt before you welcomed the dog into your home. They will let you know when trouble is near, and they can even prevent home invasions.

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Step 1. We speak with the potential client to gather as much information as possible. Once the client puts down a 50% deposit, We schedule a time to visit the client's home to evaluate and understand their day-to-day lifestyle. This allows to evaluate the environment and take detailed notes so that we match a dog to the client's specific lifestyle and needs. 

Step 2. Once the evaluation process is complete, we send our broker out to Europe to find the perfect dog to match our clients' specific needs. The broker will travel all over Europe in order to find the right dog for the client. The dog is then flown to the United States and we begin our 6-week advanced personal and executive protection training course.

Step 3. Once the training course is complete, we take a couple of days to work directly with the client and their new protection dog. After this one-on-one training with the client, we drive the dog to the client and our trainers work with the client and dog for a couple of days in the dog's new environment and surroundings to ensure that all aspects of training for both the dog and the owner are in place and functioning properly.

We do not "Stock" personal protection dogs like some companies. We truly believe that every situation and need is different, that's why we go to extreme lengths to match our protection clients with the perfect dog for them specifically.


A Personal Protection Dog is a Great Investment in Your Safety

Be wary of companies that claim to have the best personal protection dogs in town for cheap. That guard dog that you found for a few thousand dollars that can be found online is most definitely NOT a professionally trained personal protection dog and can be extremely dangerous to have around for you and your family. A well-trained protection dog is a significant, five-figure minimum investment, but it is still cheaper than having personal bodyguards. If you do not have that kind of money accessible, consider getting a loan.

Having a protection dog is an investment in your safety and security.

Whether you are a celebrity, business owner, or concerned parent, if you are considering buying a personal protection dog you must have concerns about your safety, or maybe the safety of one of your family members. Making choices around your safety or the safety of your family is very emotional for obvious reasons and can cause people to make an impulse purchase without first doing the necessary research. When this happens, they end up buying an under-performing and overpriced dog. Therefore we recommend taking the time to do your research about the trainer and the dog before making a purchase.

COST: $40,000.00

The Collar Club Academy normally charges $50,000 minimum for providing and training personal protection dogs, HOWEVER, right now due to lower traveling costs, we are excited to be able to offer the ultimate in protection and training at a 20% discount to our personal protection clients. This price will not last forever, so if you are serious about protecting yourself, your family and your property now is the time to take advantage of these savings and sevure your personal protection dog.


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Who are Personal Protection Dogs Good For?

  • Single women
  • Families
  • Businesses
  • Large estate/property owners
  • Personal protection of individuals fearing for their safety
  • Handicapped individuals
  • Senior citizens
  • Police
  • Military
  • Government officials

Most importantly, they are great dogs for just about anyone who is willing to constantly learn and invest in training. Because of the level of intensity in protection work, personal protection dogs will require regular training for as long as they are used for that purpose.


Why Are Personal Protection Dogs Needed?

It is becoming more and more common to see different public spaces like shopping malls, restaurants, and other indoor areas that allow dogs. If you have a service dog or personal protection dog, this is great news. You will feel comfortable and safe everywhere you go when you venture out with your personal protection dog.

If someone enters your property, a personal protection dog will keep them from stealing things or harming you. Your dog will catch and incapacitate them in time for the police to arrive and make the arrest. Once the criminal has been incapacitated, your personal protection dog will stay vigilant and continue to watch them until the police arrive, making sure nothing else happens. If someone is staking out your house, they will usually leave if they see or hear a dog.  

A personal protection dog will bark and growl to deter anyone from entering your home. They will also attack anyone who enters your house without your permission, with or without your instruction. Personal protection dogs are trained to stay calm while they protect you, giving them the upper hand over a violent, emotional criminal.

A personal protection dog can do serious harm to anyone who tries to enter your home, but because you are part of their pack, they will take good care of you and your family. Personal protection dogs are outstanding family companions. Like any other dog, they still love to play and go for walks. Unlike most dogs, however, personal protection dogs have another set of skills that hopefully you will never have to see in person.

Why Choose a Personal Protection Dog

Personal protection dogs are highly intelligent by nature and have mastered many different skills in their training, especially our dogs here at the Elite Canine Program. Our world-renowned professional trainers apply their proprietary methods to go beyond obedience training, teaching our Elite Canines how to be the best personal protection dogs possible. This intensive training prepares our canines for a lifetime of protection, giving them the skills and behavior, they need to be successful.

Smart dogs love to learn, and they will want you to keep teaching them. More importantly, you will need to maintain their training on a long-term basis to ensure they stay sharp and vigilant. When you purchase an Elite Canine, your purchase also comes with a 12-month maintenance contract that includes 3 weekly sessions at our facility and 1 in-home session per month. If you are out of state and unable to commit weekly to the training sessions, we can customize a program that works best for you.

These sessions ensure not only that your dog remains on point, but that your bond with your protection dog as their handler is also reinforced. Many companies offer little to no follow-up training for their protection dogs. Without this training, your dog's behavior could become unsafe and undesirable. Follow-up training ensures your personal protection dog will remain loyal, vigilant, and obedient to your commands.


Best Dog Breeds for Personal Protection

Some dogs have an instinct to protect their home and family and they make excellent personal protection and guard dogs. These large breeds tend to be loyal, fearless, strong and vigilant, making them the best protection dogs. If you want a breed that will not only alert you when a visitor arrives but will also intuitively know when to protect you from a dangerous situation, then these breeds are for you.

We prefer the following breeds as personal protection dogs offered by our Elite Canine Companion program:


Belgian Malinois

Intense and athletic, the Belgian Malinois is one of the most common breeds used by police and military K9 units because of its agility, search and rescue abilities, and trainability. This breed is extremely high energy and requires specialized training, like the training offered within our Elite Canine program.

German Shepherd

Similar in temperament and appearance to the Belgian Malinois, the German Shepherd dog is another intense and active dog breed that is very commonly used by the police and military. German Shepherds are deeply loyal toward their family members. Just like other protective dogs, intensive training is critical to keep these dogs focused on being guard dogs.

Giant Schnauzer

Like any breed that makes an exceptional personal protection dog, the Giant Schnauzer is intelligent and quick to learn new commands. The most common color is black which appears more imposing and can deter problems before they arise.

Labrador Retriever

Historically the Labrador Retriever is a working dog bred to help fishermen pull nets in from the water. They are sturdy, strong, and not always described as graceful. The Labrador has an aptitude for work and will easily train to protect their humans while being a loyal and loving companion.

Some trainers of Personal Protection Dogs offer the following breeds, but we do not include them in our offer as part of the Personal Protection package.



Bullmastiffs are typically described as loyal and brave and were developed by gamekeepers to protect their game from poachers. They are meant to look intimidating to any intruders, but they are naturally affectionate towards their family. To reinforce its natural guarding instincts, the Bullmastiff requires structured training like our Elite Canine program.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is an Italian dog breed that has been used as a guard dog, war dog, and hunter throughout history. Its large size, heavy build, and low bark are useful in warding off trespassers. Like the Bullmastiff, this breed also possesses an instinct for guarding. Its training should focus on honing its natural skills and providing structure.

Doberman Pinscher

Historically, the Doberman pinscher has been given a bad reputation as a dangerous and aggressive dog breed. With their family, however, Dobermans are affectionate, docile, and even sometimes silly. With a structured training program like the Elite Canine program, a Doberman's natural instincts will be honed into superior protection skills and turn your dog into the best protection dog.


Rottweilers are another breed like Dobermans that have a bad reputation for being dangerous and aggressive. Rottweilers can be sweet and cuddly one moment and an intimidating protector the next. When a Rottweiler trusts you, they will be loyal and affectionate towards you, but if they are usually hesitant towards strangers. Rottweilers can become excellent personal protection dogs when they are properly trained.

Tibetan Mastiff 

Tibetan Mastiffs were used in history to protect caravans of people and herds in the Himalayas against wolves and snow leopards. What makes the Tibetan mastiff great as a personal protection dog is that it is relaxed and happy around family but tends to distrust strangers. They are not the most affectionate breed, but they are loyal dogs that will protect you and your family. This breed also requires proper, structured training to be successful.