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At our Denton, Texas-based dog training facility, we are committed to providing exceptional dog training services that are founded on respect, trust, and compassion. Our mission is to improve the lives of both dogs and their owners by building strong relationships based on effective communication and instinct based training techniques. 

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Our mission is to help dogs and their owners build strong, lasting relationships by providing a personalized training program that focuses on the unique needs and goals of each individual dog. At The Collar Club Academy, we believe that every dog has the potential to be a happy, well behaved dog and member of the family, and it is our goal to help them achieve their potential with our top quality dog board and train programs. 

Our top-quality training approach is unique in the way we go at the dog’s pace, we take the time to learn and understand the dog as an individual. There is not one style to train a dog, so we incorporate an instinct based training process and a balanced and positive reinforcement training style. Our dog trainers take the time to educate the family members during training for a successful relationship without unwanted behavior after the program is over. 



The Collar Club Academy Training Programs are custom designed to meet our client's specific needs. We are here to help you achieve the proper education and an understanding to build a happier and healthy relationship with your dog. We believe that every dog has the potential to thrive and live a fulfilling life. We strive to create a safe and supportive training environment that encourages learning and growth. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.


We find dogs across the country that fit your lifestyle. We then train our family protection dogs using our proven dog trainer techniques to create the best personal protection dog to ensure you and your family are protected.

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Our board and train program is designed to provide comprehensive and personalized training sessions at our board and train facility that addresses obedience training, your dogs behavior issues, and any specific behavioral issues like basic manners, sit, stay, leave it, nipping, heel, jumping, crate, and fearful dogs.

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During our one-on-one training sessions, our experienced trainers work closely with you and your dog to develop a customized private lessons training plan that addresses your dog's training goals.

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What Can You Expect From Our Denton Dog Training?

Our approach to dog training encompasses obedience training and/or behavior modification, as we believe going at the dogs pace is important in teaching them what they need to know. We teach them a foundation, then we take it to the next level of using Distance, Distraction and Duration. Our board and train staff work closely with each dog and their family to develop a customized training plan that addresses specific needs and goals, as we prioritize ongoing communication through Daily updates and collaboration to ensure that each dog is making progress and achieving success.

Expectations to professional dog training with The Collar Club Academy:

  • Learn to properly build a strong bond with your dog
  • Receive the education to understand the layers of dog training
  • Improves the safety for your dog
  • Construct a customized plan to adhere to your dog's behavior goals 



There are never any secrets between you and your trainer. Our methods and techniques are never behind the curtain or out of your site.


At it's core, our training is based on helping you develop a strong relationship bond, trust and communication with your dog. 


We do not believe in breaking a dogs spirit in order to train them. Our methods and techniques are backed by years of scientific research. 

Overall, choosing The Collar Club Academy ensures the highest level of dog training professionalism you can expect your dog to be trained with. You can expect a better understanding and improved relationship. 

Contact our team to learn more about our program and take a dog owners first steps to a happy dog, happy life. Ask about our Dog Boarding capabilities to ease your busy schedule and enhance your dogs lives.



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