The Collar Club Academy is dedicated to providing top-quality dog training services that are rooted in kindness, respect, and effective communication.

Our mission is to help dogs and their owners build strong, lasting relationships by providing personalized training plans that cater to the unique needs and goals of each individual dog.

At The Collar Club Academy, we believe that every dog has the potential to be a happy, well-behaved member of the family, and it is our goal to help them achieve their potential. With a team of experienced trainers, we strive to create a safe and supportive environment where dogs can learn and grow to become their best selves.

Since there is not one way to train a dog, Our commitment to use all techniques of training (such as, positive reinforcement, balanced, instinctual etc.) ensures that every dog receives the care and attention they need to become a happy, and well-behaved dog.

Our Story:

Founded by Nikki Musko, in 2014 she set her goals to raise the standards of the pet service industry by starting her company in Ohio.

As a pet care provider, Nikki has worked hard over the years to provide convenient, reliable and safe training services to pet lovers and owners. She has personally chosen and trained her staff to meet the high standards produced by The Collar Club Academy.

The Collar Club Academy moved to Texas to expand their reach across the country to share and spread proper education about dog training. They are dedicated to being part of the community and spreading the benefits that can help your dog be part of the family in a safe, obedient way.

The Collar Club Academy has won several global and local awards in Business Excellence, Expertise Award, Local Best Dog Trainer Award, Lux Magazine Award for Best Pet Service Company and has been featured in the VoyageDallas plus many others.

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