We are dedicated to excellence in all the training we do, and we are committed to providing a positive and rewarding experience for both dogs and their owners. Whether you are seeking basic obedience training or more advanced behavior modification, our team of experienced trainers is here to help you and your dog achieve success. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to strengthen your bond with your dog, improve their behavior, and enhance their overall quality of life. Whether you're looking to address specific problem behaviors or simply want to enhance your dog's training and obedience skills, our customizable, 4 lesson private instruction program can help you achieve your goals.

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Free Assessment Topics to Cover for Private Dog Training

Puppy Training Program 

For puppies 8 - 15 weeks old.

The owner will learn the psychology of dogs, how to read your puppy's body language, how to properly socialize your puppy, how to understand your puppy's routine and how to raise your puppy properly.

Other topics and training we cover is potty training, leash manners, crate training, proper nutrition and feeding schedules.

Service Training

While we do not offer specific service training, we focus on providing your dog with the foundational skills they need to succeed in any service dog training program. The goal of this type of training is to teach your dog how to behave appropriately in a variety of situations, including public spaces, around other people and animals, and in high-stress environments. We are committed to helping your dog become a well-trained and obedient companion that can be trained for service tasks. 

Basic Obedience 

For Dogs 6 Months and over.

Training spans 4 weeks or longer depends on the dog and owner. This will include  Basic obedience exercises, i.e come/recall, heel, stay, sit, doorway manners etc. Training will take place in a busy environment that can be distracting to any dog. We train the dog and the owner to ignore these distractions.


Advanced Dog Obedience

For dogs 6 months and over.

This Training program is in a span of 4 weeks or longer. The same training exercises as the Basic obedience program except training progresses to off leash with added distractions. Training will take place in a busy environment that can be distracting to any dog. We train the dog and the owner to ignore these distractions.